Sponsorship Opportunities

There is no denying that Luxury Asian weddings have evolved into a multi-million pound industry.

With the average cost of a Luxury Asian wedding now standing at £80k+ – dwarfing the £20k cost of an average non-Asian wedding – it’s no wonder that businesses are keen to capitalise and establish their name in this growing sector.

Even non-Asian businesses are being allured by the commercial potential of this market – one which will continue to remain an undeniable milestone for the thousands of Asians tying the knot every year.

Over the past 2 decades, the Asian wedding sector has grown with remarkable stealth. Many new businesses have spawned and new opportunities have been crafted.

The growth will continue and more opportunities will emerge, but effective marketing will craft the names that are remembered.

The Luxury Asian Wedding brand is set to become a name which will penetrate the entire wedding industry and Asian wedding culture – the opportunity to sponsor and become synonymous with the Luxury Asian Wedding Show will firmly establish your business name as a clear front-runner in this market.


Your company will benefit from extensive branding throughout the marketing campaign and at the event. Brand awareness is intensified providing high profile exposure leading up to, during and after the show.

Brand Awareness

As a sponsor, you immediately project marketplace strength and display category championship. To be seen as an ambassador contributing to growth and development of any sector is an extremely powerful tool and creates enormous goodwill.

Enhanced Image

The National Asian Wedding Show will put many thousands of active consumers in the same place at the same time, all looking to seek out the essentials for their wedding day. A sponsorship package geared to driving sales can be an extremely potent promotional tool.

Driving sales

By sponsoring, you can differentiate yourself. It will not only enable you to stand out head and shoulders above the competition but also position yourself ahead of the competition, immediately raising the profile of your company.

Competitive Edge

As a sponsor, you are sure to achieve several goals at once, hence return on investment is sharper. Any kind of sponsorship, even having a presence in exhibition brochures alone can pay dividends in terms of exposure. This is where smaller companies to compete with giant competitors.

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